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We are delighted to introduce our Pink Bounce House, a perfect choice for weddings. This inflatable attraction can be customized in various sizes and colors to suit your specific wedding theme and preferences.

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pink bounce house for sale

As a leading manufacturer of pink bounce houses, we offer commercial-grade options in various shades such as pink, light pink, and hot pink. Sizes range from 10 feet to 17 feet, all made with high-quality 0.55mm PVC waterproof fabric, ensuring a lifespan of over 10 years. Additionally, we provide a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. Customize your bounce house with UV-printed logos, phone numbers, business names, and websites, or opt for a velcro attachment banner that can be easily attached and removed.

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Pink Bounce House Resources:

  1. How to Clean a Pink Bounce House: Learn effective cleaning techniques and maintenance tips to keep your pink bounce house in excellent condition. Regular cleaning ensures hygiene and prolongs the lifespan of the inflatable.
  2. Getting Started with Pink Bounce House Business: Discover helpful information on starting your own pink bounce house business, including market research, pricing strategies, marketing tips, safety guidelines, and equipment considerations.
  3. Safety Guidelines for Pink Bounce Houses: Ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for users by following essential safety guidelines for pink bounce houses. Learn about weight limits, supervision requirements, setup instructions, and precautions to prevent accidents.
  4. Pink Bounce House Rental Agreement Template: Download a customizable rental agreement template specifically designed for pink bounce house rentals. This template helps you outline terms and conditions, payment details, liability waivers, and other important aspects of the rental process.
  5. Pink Bounce House Maintenance Checklist: Use a maintenance checklist to keep track of routine inspections, repairs, and overall maintenance of your pink bounce house. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and customer satisfaction.
  6. Pink Bounce House Safety Certification: Explore information about safety certifications for pink bounce houses. Certifications demonstrate your commitment to safety standards and can boost customer trust and confidence in your business.

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