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well-established factory with 10 years of experience, heavy-duty commercial rental grade mechanical bulls, AAAAA+ quality and craftsmanship.Need Financing?  and get a real approval in seconds - no hard credit pull, no documents needed.

Commercial inflatable mechanical bulls For Sale

Commercial inflatable mechanical bulls Manufacturer

Mechanical Bull Manufacturer

We offer commercial-grade Mechanical Bulls, including Mechanical Bulldog, Mechanical Unicorn Ride, Inflatable Customized Mechanical Bull, and Mechanical Shark. Sizes and colors can be fully customized. Our Mechanical Bulls are made with commercial-grade 0.55mm PVC waterproof fabric, ensuring a lifespan of over 10 years. They come with a 2-year warranty. and NO experience is required to ride our bulls. We have 4 of Australia’s most advanced and safest electronic controls to ensure a great fun ride, and our operator will adjust the settings based on your competency. Our bulls have been hired for all kinds of events throughout NSW; from backyard parties, university O-Week, bars, weddings, school fetes, community festivals, Bar Mitzvah’s, radio and TV, right through to creative brand activations for the NRL or Fat Yak beer! Our timer display makes it easy for you to run competitions or team building exercises and our operators will ensure that the difficulty is adjusted safely as riders build confidence and skill. The wide inflatable crash matting makes it a gentle fall from the bull and we have detachable horns or even a headless option if extra precaution is needed! This exact ride is also available with either a Football or Reindeerto hold on to if they suit your event theme better.

inflatable mechanical bulls Installation

First we will need to set up which involves wheeling the large sturdy base motor into your venue. This is quite heavy so best if we can avoid stairs and we need at least 1 metre wide doorways and paths to access. Next we roll out and inflate the cushioned surrounding and finally we attach the controls and drag in the mighty beast, but don’t worry, we have him under control. As you sit atop the bull in the saddle you’d better hold on! Our operator will get the bull bucking for you slowly to start off and increase the intensity as required. We aim to give you a really fun experience and when the bull finally manages to flick you off, you will land safely on our wide inflatable ring which surrounds you. Check the electronic timer panel to see how long you held on for and try to better your times or outdo your friends!


Kids from the age of 6 are welcome to try a bull ride, so long as they can mount the machine themselves. Our operator can move the bull minimally and slowly for any rider so everyone gets to enjoy the fun and experience the thrill for themselves. Apart from the inflatable soft landing, we also have safe removable horns and soft bull heads, or if you want the old-school traditional look we also have a model without the head as well.

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